Selling a Home


Many people ask, “When is the best time to sell your house?”
My answer is always, “When you are ready!”
People will live years in a home they love, but then, one day, sometimes out of the blue, there is an itch to move…this is no small thing. When the itch is there, it is important to take some baby steps to see if the time is truly the best for you. What does your next 6-9 months look like? Are you ready to commit to the dream of the finding the new house or creating the new lifestyle?


Mulready Properties is committed to helping you secure the dream of what that will look like and feel like so that you are prepared to make that dream come alive!

So, it’s time to sell your house! Whether you just got a new job in another city, your kids are now school age, you got the job promotion, or it’s time to downsize, you have made the decision that it’s time to sell. Where do you start?
The details of the moving transition can be overwhelming, that’s why you need a plan. This planning stage is called the “Information Gathering Stage.”
When there is a plan, there is a path. Sometimes while traveling this path, a seller can even decide that the timing is off and they must wait. But, even that is the freedom a plan gives.
Mulready Properties has designed a Pre-Listing Questionnaire designed to walk you through the process so that every detail is covered. This questionnaire will bring the path into focus and will give helpful questions to consider, especially when trying to make decisions as a couple.


Upon completion of the Pre-Listing Questionnaire, you will schedule a time for one of our specially trained agents to come to your house for a Listing Consultation. At this Listing Consultation, you will again go through a checklist taking you through every aspect of the selling process.

The agent will start with a tour. In this tour, you will be able to show the agent the updates/renovations you have done and the agent will be able to point out any updates/renovations that would still be helpful to address to get the most for your money and help your house sell faster. The agent will then ask more questions to fully understand your need and motivation for selling…this is a very important element. Buyers will typically buy the “Why” not the “What.” That is why special care is taken to listen to the Buyer needs.
Once the need is fully understood, then the process moves to studying the comps of the neighborhood (called the CMA, Comparative Market Analysis). Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a spreadsheet with the Estimated Costs associated with the sale of your home? The agent would then estimate what number they feel they can get for your home, subtract the costs associated to the sale, giving you the ESTIMATED NET TO SELLER! This number is THE number you need to make the necessary decisions going forward.


Now let’s talk about the timing for putting the sign in the yard. How much time do you need to make the necessary updates/renovations/repairs/staging, etc…? Need a STAGER? Mulready Properties will provide a FREE one hour Home Stager! This is a/the game changer. Our home stager will help assure that the decorating and flow is on point! The only thing that you want a buyer to be thinking about in your home, is…”Does this space fit our needs?” If a buyer gets distracted with odd paint colors, bad carpet, obvious repairs needed, overdone decorating, too many personal items, the process comes to a halt and the buyer simply goes to the next house.
Remember, “A confused buyer never buys!” The home stager can assure that the buyer is never confused in your home!
On another note, buyers can overlook a lot of things, but they cannot overlook uncleanliness. They simply leave and don’t want to see the whole house. It is highly recommended to have a deep clean on the house…ceiling fans, baseboards, carpets, cabinets, windows, etc…to help your house shine!


The Marketing Plan is the next step. How will Mulready Properties market your home to get it sold as fast as possible, for as much as possible? This plan is a tried and true system to get the job done! Starting with a professional photographer, bright signage, video tours, drone tours, marketing on all real estate websites, setting up open house dates, broker open dates, and social media, our agent will detail a specialized plan for your home.

Once the house is staged, sign is in yard, and Marketing Plan is activated, you, as the seller, will need to be aware of keeping the house in good, easy showing condition…ready to be shown within a short time span at times. If there are special showing restrictions needed, the agent can add that information to the Realtor® showing instructions on the listing. This will help assure that any special condition are adhered.


Will you get feedback from each showing? Built in to our agent plan is to follow up with every showing agent to get valuable feedback. However, there are times that agents are sometimes showing 12+ homes in one day and the feedback can be delayed or non-existent because of the number of houses shown. Feedback is our number one way to communicate to you, the seller, if we are on point. We do all possible to secure from each showing but not guaranteed.

Once the house has been on the market for 3 weeks, an evaluation is given on how the market is responding to your listing. Feedback will be given and a recommendation for change will given…price reduction, extra repairs needed, extra staging needed, etc…

Our goal is to get your house sold as fast as possible, for as much as possible.


Let Mulready Properties assist you!

Work With Sally

Asking the questions, that help the client focus, plan, and prepare for the experience to get the job done more effectively and timely.