Buying a Home

The day has come! Whether planned or unplanned circumstances, the time is now right for you to begin considering buying a new home.


Whether this is your first-time home buying experience, or you are well-educated on the process, Mulready Properties wants to secure that you are educated and informed on current procedures, paperwork, and systems. We want to get you “Buyer-Ready!”


Mulready Properties Buyer Process starts with a Buyer Consultation. Asking questions, gathering information, and hearing your story assists our trained agents with how to meet your specific needs and goals in your time frame. This process also helps target our time with you to maximize our time together and eliminate wasted time. Many times, the Buyer process must be carefully navigated with the sale of a current home and other specific details. The consultation is designed to help make your specific plan.

Mulready Properties is also equipped to offer Buyers the White Glove Concierge Service!
This service can assist Buyers in getting set up with local providers of phone, television, internet, and home security! (Turning any home into a smart home!)
During inspections, the agent will provide an opportunity to review and order any services desired.


Before starting the house hunt, a Buyer will need to get their financial plan in order by talking with a chosen financial provider/lender. A buyer may choose their own or use a Mulready Property Financial Provider. This secures that not only are you “Pre-approved” for a certain amount, but you will understand all costs associated with the purchase of a home and the lender vocabulary such as…down payments, closing costs, prepaids, and Mortgage Insurance. It is very important that a buyer takes this step first. A “Pre-approval” letter must be provided with any/all offers. Many times, popular homes need to be acted on within hours so that you do not miss out…if you are not prepared beforehand with a “Pre-approval” letter, you will miss out. This secures that you are “Buyer Ready.”

After gathering information at your Buyer Consultation, the agent will run a search for properties in your designated criteria. This includes price range, area, school district, sq. footage, or other property specific criteria as necessary. If you have not chosen an area of town yet, Mulready Properties recommends driving specific areas to get a “feel” for the area. Many times, as beautiful as different areas are, sometimes it just does not have the “feel” you want.


Mulready Properties believes in the “Process of Elimination” instead of the “Process of Selection.” Through this process of viewing homes, you will be asked to continue to eliminate those that do not fit your criteria…leaving you the best choices possible. We recommend that you choose your top 3-5 homes to view for the typical and targeted time frame of a 2 hour period. Sometimes, due to time constrictions of out of state buyers, more homes are shown at one time, but the recommended homes to see at one time are 3-5.

When viewing homes, Mulready Properties realizes and validates that there are many factors to securing the “just right” home…Pricing, location, updates needed, neighborhood, convenience…all play an important role. Once you begin viewing properties, these true needs begin to surface and you will become more focused.
A Mulready Properties secret…when you step inside the front door, the agent will ask you to stop, take a deep breath, and count to 3. This step is designed to help you get a feel for the house…the layout, the look, the feel. More homes than you can imagine are sold after just taking these few steps in!


After each home showing, the agent will ask you, “Can you see yourself living here?”, “Does this house stay on the list?”, and “Is this house in the #1 or #2 spot?” It is very important for buyers to only consider 2 houses at all times…there may be a distant 3rd place, but the focus will always be on the #1 and #2 houses.

Once the top 2 are decided, the plan now changes to the deciding phase. This includes reviewing comps, tax records, and Seller’s Disclosures. This can also include a second showing to gather thoughts.

It’s time to make an offer!


The agent will bring price range recommendations to you based on the comps of the surrounding area. The offer consists of 5 KEY FACTORS…

  1. Price
  2. Closing Costs
  3. Closing Date
  4. Earnest Money
  5. Home Warranty request

It is very important that a Buyer realize that they are building a Package Offer with these 5 key factors in mind.
The offer process will either take place at the Mulready Properties office at Coldwell Banker Select, 8990 S. Sheridan, or it will take place online with e-signatures. You will need to allow approximately 1 hour to review and sign all paperwork with the agent. A personal/cashier earnest check must be given to agent at the time of the offer as well.


Upon successful negotiation of the sale, congratulations, you are now under contract!
However, the real work has just begun!

Within a 10 day period, Buyers will have the right to inspect any/all functions of the house (Apprx. Cost $650) and negotiate repairs with the seller. Your Mulready Properties agent will assist with communicating your timeline. The inspections will take about 2-3 hours depending. During this time, Buyers will have the opportunity to walk through systems with trained professionals and ask any questions.

This is also the timeframe to take advantage of the White Glove Concierge Service offered by Mulready Properties. Your agent will review and register you with local services of phone, television, internet, and home security.
During this 10 day period your financial provider/lender will also be looking for many documents to help secure your financing in a timely matter. This is a critical stage that takes much focus…I cannot emphasize this enough! Timely communication with the agent and lender is imperative.


After negotiating repairs, the appraisal is completed, your financials are confirmed, and you are CLEAR TO CLOSE! Closing is typically scheduled in a 2 hour timeframe. The timely wiring of funds can either speed up or slow down this process. Strong communication with your financial provider/lender will help to secure this closing time frame.



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