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Webster’s Dictionary states the definition of Testimony is:
“A first-hand authentication of a fact; an open acknowledgement.”

In my business, I take a clients’ testimony very seriously. A positive testimony… otherwise known as a “first-hand authentication of a fact; an open acknowledgement…” whether written or on video is of paramount importance to me and is the determining factor of my growth in business!

Referrals are the engine of my business, consequently, I start with the end in mind…knowing that I will do everything possible to create a happy closing table.
This means I work hard at keeping surprises at bay and handling multiple details, getting buyers and sellers to agree on the most minute details prior to closing day, thus creating that happy closing table.
With real estate, handling expectations, emotions, and house repairs are just the start…
We all rejoice when a transaction happens with little to no issues, but that unfortunately is the minority. Most real estate transactions are choc full of potential issues that need to be navigated sensitively. I am committed to this process.

From the very first meeting with a client to discuss buying or selling a home, it is my goal to win a good review from! What can I do to listen intently, work diligently, communicate frequently to earn trust? Along the way, I am constantly aware of keeping the trust and loyalty in tact.

I have the special honor to help you and your family “Create your story!” I want your moving/transition experience to be a really great chapter in your story…the story of your family’s transition to a different living location!
This story is different for each of my clients so I commit to listen to each client to really hear not just their needs, but their “unspoken” needs, shown with body language or voice inflections.
Sometimes the stories are about an exciting career move with better pay!
Sometimes the stories are about moving closer to family and friends!
Sometimes the stories are about relocating to another state and having to leave close family and friends…
Sometimes the stories are about a loss of a way of life that are held dear…

Our homes are an extension of who we are, so when we decide to change homes, we are changing the paradigm of what was to what is next for us and our children! This can be a stressful and emotional time for many.
With my coaching and experience, I will assist you on your journey, creating your story, while helping you plan a new life for you and your family.

During my journey with you, whether it takes weeks or months, I will problem solve. I will walk 10 steps in front of you securing your steps and thwarting surprises. That’s why you hire me…to get the job done and handle the details!

Once I have secured your trust, and we have secured the closing, I will be asking for your testimonial review. I will ask you to reflect on your journey from the day we met, to the day of closing.
What was the knowledge you had when we started to the knowledge, comfort, education, and information gained at closing?
What was a really helpful idea from Mulready Properties?
What would you have done differently?
What do you wish you would have known prior to the listing?
What were the most challenging elements?
What were the easiest elements?
What did dream did Mulready Properties help you secure?
What was your situation before using Mulready Properties to afterwards?
What was the best skill or trait that Mulready Properties brought to you through this journey?
What did you learn about yourself through this and what have you learned about the real estate process through your journey?
Is there anything that you would suggest Mulready Properties do differently next time for the next client?
How did Mulready Properties make a difference in your thoughts or actions during your journey?
If telling your living transition story from start to finish, how would you say Mulready Properties made a difference in this story?
If your friends or family are looking to buy or sell a house, what would you tell them about Mulready Properties?

There are a few types of reviews/testimonials that I will be asking you to consider…
Google Reviews – this is sent in a text form and is easy to simply give me a star review and a quick comment.
Facebook Reviews – This is sent in a text form as well. This is a format for a quick sentence review.
Zillow Reviews – Because I am a Premier Agent with Zillow, my website is reviewed regularly. My reviews, both in number and quantity are very important and move my name to a higher placement. This is also sent as a text for your quick and easy reply.
Video Reviews – If time allows at the closing table, I will ask you for a quick video review. Because of the tremendous amount of value Video Testimonial Reviews add to my website, I will ask you to simply answer FIVE QUESTIONS about time with Sally.

  1. What is your name and how did you hear about Sally?
  2. What were you looking for in a Realtor when you found Sally?
  3. What was it like working with Sally?
  4. What was your favorite thing about working with Sally?
  5. If you knew that someone was looking for a Realtor, what would you tell them about Sally?

If Mulready Properties has brought information, education, resources, and a peaceful demeanor to your “story,” we ask that you give a positive review to help other clients in writing their “story.”

The most exciting part of my job is knowing that our “story” together does not stop after closing! As a client, you are now apart of a very elite group in my life. A group that I will continue to foster and grow together. A group that will hopefully continue to refer business to me and me, likewise to them! I like the term, “Doing Life Together!”
Thank you for letting me be your designated Real Estate Coach!!

Rated 5 stars

If you need a bulldog to own the entire sales process, Sally is your agent. Sally was on top on everything, from negotiating with the builder to working with the lender. She works hard and does an outstanding job. Best realtor I have ever worked with.


Sally Mulready is an amazing person. our experience was incredible and Sally made it a smooth and pleasant encounter from beginning to end. Selling your home is a huge transition and with quality assistance it can be a good experience. Sally helped us understand the process in such a way it changed out thinking and removed a lot of the stress involved. I highly recommend her as someone who is not only capable but goes way above and beyond what is required or expected. we began with a real estate agent and ended the process with a friend. The day we live in, it is not always the norm to find someone you can trust and believe in. Sally is this person. integrity without compromise is a good way to describe Sally. in our opinion we found the best and made a valuable friend.
Ronnie & Pam Cornwell


Sally is a highly personal, genuine, persistent and professional realtor. Whether you are buying a house for the first time or you are familiar with the home buying or selling process, Sally will stick with you every step of the way. She will help you make hard decisions and she will give you all of your best options. She is honest and very intelligent when it comes to all the aspects of buying and selling. She helped my husband and I purchase our very first home. She found the most incredible house just for us: perfect location and great neighborhood! We did run into a lot of difficulties caused either by the sellers or the seller’s realtor but every time Sally helped us figure out what needed to be done and kept us from being overwhelmed. So, if you are on the search for the perfect realtor to help you find the home of your dreams, just take it from me and choose Sally Mulready. You will be SO glad you did


Sally was a pleasure to work with. during times of negotiation she provided valuable advice that allowed us to make our purchase easier. she has experience, is knowledgeable and was professional through the whole process


She went above and beyond in every matter. From listening to our needs and communicating with us. She was extremely professional throughout the process. We would definitely utilize her and recommend her in the future!


My wife and I were searching for a home in Mid-Town Tulsa and stumbled across Sally completely by accident. We had just moved to Tulsa and we didn’t know the area well. As we were driving around on a Sunday afternoon, we called a number to listen to an automated message that provided details about a listing we saw. Boy were we dreaming big! The listing was way out of our price range. We laughed about how ignorant we were and continued to drive around. Within a few minutes, Sally returned our call. What a blessing! With Sally’s help, we found the perfect home in a great location near Utica Square. It was exactly what we wanted. However, as our family started to grow, we it might be time to look for another home. Who did we call? The only person to call – Sally. We shared our thoughts with Sally and we sat down to think through some of the pros and cons of moving. She didn’t immediately take us out to look for a new home. Rather, Sally wanted to make sure we were making the best decision for us, not her. Ultimately (almost a year later), we decided to officially list our home and, with Sally’s help, it was off the market within a matter of hours!! Maybe take a second and let that sink in for a minute. Yes; I said hours. Needless to say, we needed somewhere to live so Sally got right to it. We told he what we were looking for and she came up with a game plan. Within a few days we found a great home and Sally finalized the bargain at our price (and other requests). In sum, we had no idea what we were doing when we were driving around dreaming big; however, we stumbled across a tremendous advocate in the process and we’re all the better for it. I will continue to seek Sally’s expertise in the future and I would (and do) encourage others to do likewise. Thank you for your help, Sally.


Trust is a key element when buying your largest investment and we know Sally Mulready to work with integrity. She worked very hard to show us what we wanted to see and is very knowledgeable.


Sally is always so positive and kind! She’s wonderful to work with! I definitely recommend her for buying or selling your home. We had some crazy ideas for buying and she was willing to help us figure it all out!


We loved working with Sally on a home purchase and multiple house sales. She did a fabulous job with each transaction. She walked us through the stressful process with ease. I highly recommend Sally for purchase or sale of a home!


After diligently looking for the right realtor to represent and negotiate the sale of our home from beginning to end. I discovered Sally had sold a home near ours for more than the asking price! I new she was the one for me! As it turned out Sally SOLD our house in less than 24 HOURS !! Sally has more than met all of our expectations !