Our Listings

Listings abound in the Greater Tulsa Area! Over 5000 Listings were Sold in the Greater Tulsa Area last year alone! It’s an exciting time to buy and sell property in the Tulsa area!
Every few weeks, the supply changes dramatically. Consequently, buyers are informed and engaged on the changing market and so should you.

A Listing is never “Just a Listing” with Mulready Properties.
Because a house is never “Just a House.” A house is where you live, where you grow, where you experience the highest of highs, the lowest of lows, where you experience family… making your house your home.
Moving from one house to the next is no small feat. Wrapping up memories, wrapping up moments, and wrapping up relationships, all creates an important journey with important stepping stones.
Having a trusted confidant to assist you in the transformation of YOUR beautiful home to
A beautiful home on the market is worth its weight in gold.

Mulready Properties is committed to educating you on your specific house and market so that you can make an informed decision along with your agent on how you would like your house to be positioned in your specific market. This is done with helpful graphs and charts to see just how fast and for how much your market is selling.
This is an important step that cannot be missed. The location, price, and condition, must make sense. There is too much competition to take a chance and just hope it sells at a higher price. Mulready Properties will show you the graphs for your neighborhood so that you can make the most informed decision on the best placement for your house in your market.

At Mulready Properties, we like to say, “An informed client is a ready client…A ready client is a prepared client.” A prepared client for the Selling Process helps alleviate surprises, creating a seamless transition.
Mulready Properties will schedule a Listing Consultation with each Seller to walk through the Selling Process. This includes gathering data, answering questions, reviewing the Neighborhood Comps and Estimated Net to Sellers,and walking Sellers through a checklist to be informed and ready for that first showing…which just may result with the first offer! One of the steps that often gets overlooked during this phase, is to “Secure the Dream.” Experience has shown that to discuss at length where the client wants to live next and stir that excitement is a key factor in how the Listing Process unfolds. Listing and Selling a home can be a daunting task, however, if the priority can be to fulfill the dream instead of sell the house, my experience shows that this is the motivating factor to stay engaged.

Readying a house for Listing, making it available for showings, and the other many details Getting Sellers “ready” is paramount.

A Mulready Property Listing will be treated with superior service. Whether a smaller, starter home to a grand, luxury home, the process is the same, with attention to details small and large.


From the Pre-Listing Consultation to signing the Listing Paperwork, Mulready Properties will EDUCATE Sellers on the full process from Listing to Close. This will include a home tour, reviewing comps, discussing Net to Sellers, laying out the plan and explaining all expectations of the Listing timeframe/paperwork.

COMMUNICATION is key! Mulready Properties will secure with each seller what is the best communication method. Whether text, email, phone call, or sitting down for coffee, Mulready Properties will set a consistent pattern of communication to keep the process seamless and moving forward. In a real estate transaction, it is critical that clients realize that timely communication can be the difference between whether a property gets sold or not. Once buyers begin the buying process, they are ready to get it done. If a seller is undecided or takes too long to respond, a buyer will simply go to the next house.
Again, the manner of communication will be decided, the process of communication will be decided, and the frequency of communication will be decided before the house is listed! And, if needed, the communication style or time frame can be updated as necessary.

Once the home is Listed, Mulready Properties will then NAVIGATE the Listing to Closing Process. This Navigation is THE thorough oversight of the plan to get the house sold! This Navigation includes tight and timely communication, laying out the open house plan, setting up photo shoots, and communicating with Sellers on timing of showings. This Navigation also includes the most important…the Navigation of Negotiation of offers! Staying steps ahead of the process, Mulready Properties keeps surprises at bay and secures that Sellers are confident in the process at hand.
Navigation does not stop once there is a contract…in fact, it intensifies. There are over 20-30 people involved from Contract to Close. Lenders, appraisers, buyers, sellers, closers, listing agent company, buying agent company, Inspection companies, and repairmen…
Securing that the house will indeed close on or before the close date is no small job.
Mulready Properties takes Navigation seriously when it comes to keeping the deal moving forward to secure an on-time closing!

Mulready Properties aims to create a happy closing table. That means that the navigation and communication must be on point and stay on point throughout the transaction. Much time and attention is given to this. After the hard work is over, then it is time to CELEBRATE at the closing table.

After all paperwork is signed at the closing table, the last bullet on the Mulready Properties checklist is to ask the client if they would be willing to give a quick Google Review of Sally Mulready, Mulready Properties on their phones and answer a few quick questions on video for the Mulready Properties website!

Our Listings are the very Engine of our Train! Systemizing our services with questionnaires, marketing plans, and communication plans, takes the guessing game out of the equation for the client and helps focus the energy on the plan at hand…getting the house sold.

Although most houses are sold because of the Kitchen and Bathrooms, I would recommend adding a backyard living space or at least, beautifying the space you have. Buyers LOVE looking at something appealing and fun in the backyard!

There is much hard work, focus, and determination in getting a house sold as fast as possible for as much as possible!
Our Listings SOLD is our success story!