In the next year, we know that we want to change our living location. Where do we begin?
When life circumstances begin to change, we realize the need for a move. Sometimes these life circumstances are exciting new jobs or new schools or new opportunities that bring the need for a move. However, sometimes circumstances change in our life that are not so exciting, yet the need is still there…it is time for a change.
When is the best time to List a home? The best time is…when you are ready!
There are some helpful hints on the Selling side and the Buying Side that can be very helpful.
This first step is called the “Information Gathering Stage.”

Information Gathering Stage:
*Go for a drive –
Take a drive around getting a feel for the new desired area that seems to fit your needs…taking into account your lifestyle, commute to work, hobbies, and nights/weekends activities. The system is really more of a “Process of elimination” instead of a “Process of Selection.” (Ninja Sales Skills Training)
To narrow the field of where you are looking is helpful. The sooner there is confirmation of finding many houses that will work in your desired area or a lack of houses that will work in your desired area then the scope of the search can be defined and a plan set.

*Request a Listing Consultation from Mulready Properties-
There are many details to review when considering listing a property. Having a checklist from a trained professional is so helpful. From staging, to repairs,to reviewing the neighborhood comps, and getting an idea of your home value, costs to sell, and Estimated Nets to Seller are just some of the details necessary to define. Once defined, this information can help guide and focus a Seller on the plan. There are times that after reviewing the Listing Consultation, a Seller may decide that the timing is not the best and a move would be more advantageous months to years later.
Whatever the results from the Listing Consultation, there is a confidence that comes from knowing the FACTS about your situation. Even if it is not the news you were hoping for, the confidence comes from absorbing the FACTS about your situation, leading you to make the best decision for your family.

What are options for financing a new home?
The next piece of information necessary is to get a clear picture of your financial situation. This can only be done by discussing your financial situation with a lender of your choice. I have preferred lenders to refer as necessary.
Through the discussion with your lender, you will find out the price range for which you qualify, the down payment necessary, the closing costs expected, and the critical process and expectations to take you from offer to closing on time!
Your lender will discuss your best mortgage option…whether a Conventional Loan, FHA Loan, VA Loan, RD Loan, or other options. Each loan has specific qualifications that will be discussed to find the best fit for your situation.

If I need to sell my house first before buying a new house, but I want to close both transactions the same day so that I do not have to move twice…what does this process look like?
At the Listing Consultation, we will create a “Magic Wand” timeline. This will include looking ahead at your best time frame to close and move in to your new home. We will then back into the timeline.
From offer to closing, the process is about 4-6 weeks. The plan would be that the day your current house goes under contract, you would have 7-10 days to get under contract with the new house to match the closing dates as best as possible.
Mulready Properties will navigate these dates and timelines for you to help you reach your desired goals.

Where do I begin in getting my house ready to List?
At the Listing Consultation, we will discuss your timeline and what repairs/updates/staging is necessary to get your home show-ready. Mulready Properties will help you decide what is important to spend your money on…from paint, to carpet, minor repairs, major repairs, renovations, etc…
Also, with Mulready Properties, we offer a FREE Home Stager to walk you through an actual Staging Plan to make your house POP! This service is invaluable to create a Show-ready home. Remember you are making the necessary changes to go from YOUR beautiful home to A beautiful home, ready for the next owner.

How does the Buyer Process work? How will we ever narrow it down?
The Mulready Properties Difference is the amount of information we gather to help us not only know how to search for you, but even more importantly, our detailed questionnaire allows home buyers to hear each other speak of what is most important to them.
The first criteria decided will be price range, decided by your lender.
The second criteria will be the desired area of interest…school district, neighborhood, area of town, specific communities, etc…
Once the first two are decided then Mulready Properties will begin the search!
Through the process of elimination, you will decide on your top 3-6 homes to go see. Experience has shown that the recommended amount of homes to see at one time is 3-6 in a 2-hour timeframe. To see more homes at one time, although it is done, especially with out of town buyers, can make the process more confusing. 3-6 houses seen in a 2-hour timeframe keeps the energy and excitement high.

Once we find the perfect house, how should we prepare to write the offer?
The offer terms to be decided will consist of 5 terms:
Closing Costs
Closing Date
Earnest Money
Home Warranty

These terms along with your Pre-approval letter from your lender and a copy of Earnest Money check will be sent as your offer package to the Seller.

Mulready Properties will educate you on each of these terms and how they will affect your offer and the likelihood of your offer being accepted or at least negotiated.
The process to “write up” the offer typically takes an hour if in person, or documents can be sent for your e-signature.