About Us

Mulready Properties is a story of investment, growth, vision, and intentionality.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I grew up in Avant, OK on a Christian Retreat Center called Shepherd’s Fold Ranch.
My parents started the camp in 1972 and I was fortunate to grow up watching my parents make a dream a reality and in essence, impact thousands of individuals and their families to allow God to make a difference in their lives for generations to come. Being raised in this environment taught me to invest in others, work hard, love deeply, and dream big.

After attending University of Oklahoma, I took a job with Delta Air Lines as a Flight Attendant. This job offered travel, adventure, meeting new people, and helped me to launch fully into my life! I was based in Boston, MA were I met my husband at a restaurant in Quincy Market.

We married and immediately began investing in our community. Glen was the “town insurance guy” and I was a permanent Substitute Teacher at the High School. We also worked as Youth Leaders of a Vineyard Christian Church we had helped launched in our community.

As Youth Leaders we were exposed to some very difficult living conditions of our youth, so we opened our home to over 14 kids over 8 years. Some were for weeks at a time, some for months, some for years…those kids will forever have a special place in our hearts, helping them through those 16-25 year old years. Glen and I knew that we loved young people and that God had called us for that time with that special group.

Soon we made the decision to move to Oklahoma to live close to my family. Spurred on by my dad’s health issues, we moved to Tulsa, OK. At this point, we were not able to have children, but after 12 years, we finally got pregnant and baby boy #1 was on his way in 2000! Two more miracles sons were born within 4 years! These years were precious. I was able to stay at home raising our sons while building a home business.

In preparation for my last son to start school, I began challenging myself to consider my next career move. My home based business was profitable but I did not have vision for it long term. A close friend, successful in real estate, introduced me to the idea of selling real estate and … “A dream was born!” Helping others through sensitive transitions in life, while creating a challenging, exciting business model, was thrilling for me! My years of training and experience with a home based business, taught me the skills and mindset needed to transition from just selling a product to becoming an business entrepreneur. This change of mindset would be critical for my success in this career field.
A business entrepreneur has a different mindset than a salesperson.
A business entrepreneur is coached…a business entrepreneur has systems in place for a smooth transaction…a business entrepreneur is thinking bigger and more long-term for you…a business entrepreneur is connected to resources and training for gathering support for difficult transactions, a business entrepreneur is managing the bigger picture…
My real estate entrepreneurship had begun!

My husband, Glen Mulready, wanted to take his next step of investing in the community by running for Oklahoma State Representative, District 68. After knocking thousands of doors with kids in tow, Glen became an Oklahoma State Representative in 2011.
For years, our family has known that from February to June, dad was at the Capitol making laws and making a difference for our state.
In 2018, Glen will be running for Oklahoma State Insurance Commissioner.
Our commitment as individuals, a couple, and a family to invest in those around us, bringing education and information to help people take a step forward, is our passion.

We have 3 sons, Sam, Jake, and Will. Sam will start college in the fall of 2018 at Oklahoma State University and Jake and Will attend Jenks High School. Our boys are fun, adventurous, and light-hearted. I can’t wait for you to meet them!

Since 2009, I have been a consultant, confidant, mentor, friend, counselor, advisor, and trainer to hundreds of clients in assisting them to navigate the sensitive nature of buying and selling real estate. My skills and experience have earned me a spot in the “Top 100 Realtors in Tulsa” from Tulsa People Magazine.

I am also a Relocation Trained Specialist. That means if there is a Seller relocating out of Tulsa or a Buyer relocating to Tulsa, I am specifically trained to work with the corresponding relocation company to get the job done. Relocation companies have specific rules, paperwork, details, timing, and communication that are expected for each of their clients. Mulready Properties is specifically trained, educated, and has the specific experience to get these deals done!

My goal is to become your Real Estate Consultant for life.
A consultant is different than just an “agent” because a consultant helps educate clients on the big picture instead of just the one sale at hand. My passion is that clients would find a reservoir of experience and resources with Mulready Properties and would gladly refer us to family and friends for years to come. From the first-time home buyer to the power investor of multiple properties, Mulready Properties is ready to get the job done.

My experienced team of agents are trained on a tried and true system created to help facilitate a flawless experience from listing to close. The more education and information that we can provide a client, the more confident the client is in making the decisions that are best for their family. This creates a win-win at the closing table.

That is why I have over 100 5-star Google Reviews that make the statement that Mulready Properties is going above and beyond to make the real estate transition smooth and clear.

Our processes are stated, our communication is consistent, our education is concise, in creating a successful transaction and a great experience.